Sunday, January 01, 2006

Webby's Birthday and New Year's Eve

Webby's birthday falls on 31 December so every New Year's Eve tends to be even more festive than usual. On her birthday eve, we went to Captain's Cabin with Weni - met poor feverish Simon there, GL, Jasbir and her gorgeous children. We had an absolute blast as Susan was prime target for the divas and even the band since it was her birthday!

This year Webby got a pair of wings for her birthday from Cookie, who hobbled up a flight of steps to take us to a wondrous little shop full of wigs and masks! I'm not sure what Webby's parents thought about her wings but her dad actually tried them on! Webby's mom cooked yummy noodles for New Year's Eve and we had a few friends over for drinks - Anna and Carol, Debbie and Wei Lin, Faery and Fandy and of course Cookie, who had been involuntarily installed in our house since she was immobile. Serina even dropped by which was really sweet of her. Weni turned up for a flying visit which was great - especially as she already turned up the night before.

It is always so nice to have friends old and new at New Year's. For Auld Lang Syne indeed...

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