Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sean's 100 prostrations

Yesterday evening, Sean wanted to do some prayers, so he did 21 Migtsemas and then he wanted to do prostrations, so i told him to go ahead. He did 10, then 20, then 30.. i stopped what i was doing and helped him count. Amazingly enough (i thought so anyway) he did 100. Non-stop. In about twenty minutes. Usually we do 3 prostrations together or 10 at the most. We said the dedication together and then he went to bed. When he woke up this morning, he said he dreamt that Buddha came to teach him but he was speaking in a language he couldn't understand. Maybe Indian or Tibetan, he said. Then, he wanted to do some more prostrations but he said he didn't think he could do as many as he did last night, so he did 10. I'm so proud of him and hope that he continues to explore his spiritual path.

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Anonymous said...

What an auspicious dream! As our teachers all tell us, "Physical Dharma" activities help us clear some temporary "blockages" for blessings of light to descend. Children experience it easier and more often because they are pure at heart, they dont calculate like if I do this and this, the benefits are this and this and this and ALSO THIS. For children, the know its good, when done theier Heart feels good, and Head feels peaceful. Such simplicity in practice is what we as adults have forgotten... thats why we can be praying and meditating for umpteen years and all we get is a sore ass...lol