Sunday, March 04, 2007

Day of Miracles

Yesterday was the day of Miracles - when whatever good deeds we do get multiplied by 100 million times. Sounds good, doesn't it. It started off past midnight (technically an extension of Friday night, when we had a fundraising dinner).. so I quickly took the opportunity to give a small donation and hoped it would translate to some merit. I idly wondered what was the current exchange rate for merit. By 1.50 am or thereabouts, we'd raised over RM108,000 - yay! It had been a fabulous dinner/party/auction... everything went flawlessly because of the hard work of the team. May you all gain a trillion merits!

Anyway on Saturday I decided to do my write up for the dinner instead of chatting on the internet, and in the evening, I wanted to go for the KSK (Kechara Soup Kitchen). It was raining hard and GL who was supposed to come with me had to cancel because something came up. I smsed David and Joseph to see if they were going but they had other commitments so while I was contemplating how I would get to Semua House, JJ and Meng Kiat kindly offered to pick me up Yay! So at 6.30pm, JJ, Meng Kiat, Eng Shan, Karen and I walked around Masjid India, looking for the homeless to offer food to.

It is an interesting process because firstly, you're walking around the pasar malam where there is so much delicious food on offer, and instead of shopping for food for yourself, you're looking for people to give food to. Fortunately the rain didn't last very long - i suspect Rinpoche had something to do with that!

We finished by around 9.15pm and Meng Kiat offered to drop me home, but i managed to catch a lift with Ben instead. Just as Ben and i were leaving the car park, someone wanted to borrow car jumper cables, which Ben happened to have - yay - more merits for Ben!

I finally reached home around 9.45pm and hopped into the shower. THen, I took Sean along to KH for migtsema... the hours were running out and the Day of Miracles was ending too fast! I only did four rounds when Sean piped up that he was tired. I had wanted to do six rounds but since it was almost 11.30 pm by then, I relented and took him home.

At almost midnight, I went over to Pyng's for dinner. Serina was cooking but I had told them I would be late. When I rolled up, Swee had also just arrived and took the last spot on the driveway so I had to cruise around Bangsar looking for parking. Not an easy task but I found one a short stroll away. Then when I got into Pyng's, they said the food was finished. I hadn't realised how hungry I was and was about to cry (yes, I'm so attached). I was thinking - so much for Day of Miracles... my karma must be so crap. At first, no parking then no food. Pout. Anyway Pyng raided her fridge and got me some yummy sambal prawns and rice which i devoured and felt so much better. Isn't suffering so transient.

By 1.30ish am, I was ready to pass out and went home. I hadn't done as much as I wanted to and definitely not as much as I should have, but I hope I got a few millimerits more and will just have to work a lot harder for the rest of the year.

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