Friday, April 17, 2009

Time flies...

The days have simply flown past. Mostly spent in Joan's cosy living room, madly pounding our keyboards or putting the postcards with Rinpoche's quotes into the lovely wooden frames which Lily ordered for us.

On Wednesday, after finishing preparations for the launch, we managed to pop out in the afternoon. I had to go get some money from Abbey while the others went to Oxford St. I had wanted to take Bill to see Liberty's and asked them to meet up but he had a migraine, Yek Yee's shoes were ripped and Ms Han was feeling tired. We still went to Liberty's though and had a quick tour. We then went to Queensway for dinner at Magic Wok before heading back.

Yesterday evening was spent trawling Soho, looking for Busaba, where Gabrielle, my niece, said she was working. But when i got there, they said she wasn't working there anymore! Oh well. I'll try to meet up with her on Saturday. Busaba looked popular though, with a queue round the block! Amazing. What recession? Sio Chian, Susan, Han and I ended up at a Scotch Steakhouse for dinner and got back early.

Today, JP and May arrive from KL and we have planned a lovely dinner tonight at Joan's.

More later.


Joona said...

i accidentally came across your blog looking for stuff on Saraswati- which was good as a few puzzle pieces went together. im doing a phd in london researching (and teaching) tibetan buddhist art and architecture and i always seem to come across tsem tulku by accident (although i dont know much about him)- i just checked your organization's site and there was something about offering Manjushri statues in ganden in mundgod and i am sure i was doing research in mundgod when that happened as i remember a whole massive stock of Manjushri statues in a room at ganden shartse- funny. such a small world!! i'll probably have to get in contact with you guys at some point because i also noticed that you have some projects in mundgod and that is one of the types of things i am researching- the dynamics of tibetan buddhist art and architecture in an international context, linked to india.

anyway i hope you enjoy london and your book fair!

Sharon Saw said...

Hi Joona

Lovely to hear from you - though I tried to click on your name, it wouldn't allow me access. It IS a small world.. please do email me and tell me how and what your research is on! I'm intrigued. Please contact me at sharon8 at g mail dot com. Or leave me a message on my blog :)

warmest regards, sharon