Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dr. Marcus Lim Chung Ching, RIP

Marcus Lim - better known to me as Chung Ching - was my cousin. He was the same age as my youngest brother Steen, being only a day apart in their birthdays. Yesterday, on the birthday of my Guru, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, Chung Ching passed away in a tragic scuba diving accident.

I must say I didn't know Chung Ching very well. The age difference meant that he was closer to my younger brothers. My earliest memory of him was as a young chubby boy who always studied hard. I remember my mother telling me that Chung Ching never had to be told to study - he'd always get his homework done on his own. When he got older, I knew he always studied hard and played hard - and I really respected and admired him for that.

He schooled at Winchester, one of the top schools in UK, and graduated in Medicine at Downing, Cambridge University. While at Cambridge, he represented the University for tennis and polo. I recall he even played at junior Wimbledon at some stage. Not satisfied with being a doctor, he also took an MBA at the London Business School. It seemed like he always excelled at whatever he chose to do.

When he was not performing cataract and refractive surgery, Chung Ching enjoyed taking stunning photographs on land and underwater. His photography has been exhibited in local and international exhibitions and appeared in books and magazines. An image of a sealion won him an award in the European Nature Photographer of the Year Competition in 2008. You can see some of his photography (also here on smugmug) online.

He recently donated some of his beautiful photographs to If Not Now, When?, a book of inspirational quotes by H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, published by Kechara Media & Publications in September 2009.

He leaves his widow, Christy, his young son Jaden and a baby boy, Tristan, who is about to be born at any time. He also leaves his mother, brother and sister and so many friends who perhaps only had the opportunity to see facets of him and not the whole amazing picture of the man that he was.

In his next life, Chung Ching had jokingly said that he would like to be a professional nature photographer! Chung Ching, I don't know where your next life will lead you, but I pray that you will have a good and swift human rebirth. From your generous support of the Dharma, you have created the causes for such a high incarnate Lama as H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche to make prayers for you.

RIP Chung Ching. You will be sadly missed by many and remembered always for the star that you are.


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Rest in Peace Dr Marcus Lim.
Sharon, u look younger actually.

Michele De Paris said...

May you have a very peaceful passage in the Clear Light!

J.V.New said...

Life really unpredictable...

James said...

RIP my friend. May you always have good light wherever you go...

Calvin said...

Marcus, was the ultimate lad...
who flitted between the need to
demonstrate effortless superiority
and the very asian value that that
excellence is 99% perspiration and 1%
inspiration- I guess in his case
more 89% perspitation...given how
talented the bugger was...

We got away with murder at school and
now I have no one to share our secret
memories with..

He always complained to me that he wished
he could be wittier and a more eloquent
conversationalist...well boy...your life
was the most eloquent conversation of all...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Only met him once--a distant relation of his I am. Through cicrcumstance, we were never likely to be friends, but judging from his obituary, a superb life he led!

Lily said...

Dr Lee,
We all miss you.

Lily said...

Dr Lim,
We all miss you.