Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grand Setrap and Dzambala Puja 2010 - day One

Today was the first day of the Grand Setrap and Dzambala Puja - our second annual event, and as promised, it surpassed our event last year in decor and atmosphere. The decor was done by our incomparable celebrity designer and Liaison Bill Keith - who has barely slept all week to make sure that the hall looked spectacular - and spectacular it was!

The theme of the event was 'A Garden of Wealth and Protection' and Bill achieved this by bringing lots of green plants and orchids which were strategically placed throughout the hall. A large water feature was created amidst rich greenery with a golden Dzambala statue within, which impressed many visitors.

Beautifully put together with Himalayan touches of traditional thangkas, skirtings and victory banners, the entire KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall was transformed into an ethereal atmosphere of colours and lights. Flickering candles adorned every corner, from the entrance of the hall up to the balustrade of the upper balcony.

Each of Kechara's departments had its own area, decorated with its individual and unique style. Kechara Media & Publications had a turquoise carpet, in synch with the colour of its logo. I even brought over my Bill Keith turquoise jacket which Bill designed and tailored for our London Book Fair trip last April!

We had a steady stream of visitors all day - from the moment the doors opened at 11am, all Kechara volunteers and staff have been talking, talking, talking about our departments and our organisation. In between, there were lovely pujas to clear obstacles for the New Year and for the hungry, there was a plentiful buffet provided by Kechara Oasis - vegetarian of course.

Today is also the funeral of one of my dearest friend's mother. I desperately wanted to attend the funeral but with what I know about Dharma, it would be more beneficial to her if I was to dedicate the merits from these two days to her good and swift rebirth, and to my friend's happiness and peace of mind.

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MICHAEL said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for making the Setrap thousand year-old secrets available to the public..without reading it, I wouldn't even know the number of flags on his headgear and what it represents and of course answering the question posted by the emcee in a flash!

Anyway, it's very auspicious coz Cathy ordered the same Setrap pendant(different shape)right before the draw. Now both of us can wear it for Monday puja!

Setrap really touched my life immediately after I opened the box in Dec 09 and now Cathy is addicted to it..haha! That's why we were there at the Puja for 2 days! We will definitely share this with our friends and family and introduce Setrap to them.

Thanks again for providing the precious Setrap info to us