Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Drolchok - Tara Puja - practice

This evening, we had a Drolchok practice (and train the new puja people) session. As with everything in Kechara, everything is speeded up so we were practising today and a 10 day puja session starts tomorrow! Here are the pictures of the group:

Prof Choi, Shirley Maya and David shaping their tormas.

Jamie showing everyone how to make tormas. "It's easy," she says.

moulding away

Adding the decorations

Girlie and Nicholas Lee in deep concentration

David making his torma

Here are the happy torma makers!

Practising in the beautiful prayer hall.

Jamie explaining how the puja was going to go.

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Anonymous said...

This is all going down in history and unfortunately my torma didn't make it to the altar. It was misshapen and so cannibalised into the 21 'buttons' placed on the Butor (Big Tara) Torma. But anyway, it was fun!