Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No Smoking in the Attic

Last Saturday, Webby and I went to the opening party of the mini O - our mini olympics amongst a group of friends which we'd taken part in over the past few years. It was held in an art gallery called the attic, which was nearby in Jalan Bangkung. We paid RM25 to get in, which included one drink. It was a nice party - not too crowded nor too empty. But the best part was the no smoking policy. Since it was an art gallery by day, and we'd just rented it for the evening, smoking was confined to the small balcony outside. All the non-smokers were ecstatic. At last - to party without breathing in second hand smoke. Webby and i went home happily without reeking of smoke.

We all know the benefits of non-smoking. I personally don't have a big issue with it. If anyone wants to smoke, so be it, but i do think it's not fair to impose their wants on others.

While i sympathise with smokers for not being able to smoke at a certain venue, they can simply go outside for a smoke, whereas for non-smokers, we have no choice. It's either don't go clubbing or go clubbing and breathe smoke.

So, smokers - please - be kind and think about us for a change.

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B B K POH said...

were there claw marks on the wall from smokers trying to keep cool about how "strong" they are NOT to be smoking?

And the next day, the claw marks will be presented as art piece titled: " How to be X-man Wolverine by not smoking"

Lol... I wish the ship was a non-smoking zone too... and non-over loud speakers.... non-over zealous band with band musical skill and and and...