Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KMP reopens!

We had another all night Liaisons' meeting with Rinpoche. We started around 8pm and officially ended around 7.30 am and we invited Rinpoche to see the new KMP. Our new offices were still in a mess but Rinpoche liked the decor - all done by our wonderful Margaret Lee and contractor Koon.

After a short chat, Rinpoche invited us all to breakfast at the vegetarian cafe across the field from KMP. Finally, around 11am, Susan asked that if JJ leaves KMP, can we request for KMP to be opened sooner than 2 weeks. Rinpoche replied that yes she could request. So she requested and Rinpoche said YES!

KMP staff were all very happy, especially as Rinpoche said that KMP will not ever close again. There is a very special team spirit in KMP - all of us love the Dharma and love working with the Dharma under Rinpoche's kind guidance.

After breakfast, we went to KH1 to do our prostrations - after a night of no sleep, Shin, Yek Yee, Susan, Jamie, Annette, David, Sio Chian and I only managed 7 each. Together with May Woo's and Prof Choi's 21 each, we only managed 98! Of course, we have to get Ms Han, Julia and Chris' counts still. Achieving our 100,000 prostrations seem very far away at the moment. But considering the purification we have been going through, I think it's still okay!

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