Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

What a Christmas. Webby took the day off on Friday so we could start preparing for our Christmas eve dinner party. The dinner party was planned as a small cozy dinner for six. Webby's parents, Cookie and us. Then we invited Pyng, which made 7. Still manageable. Anyway, we went food shopping at Megamall in the morning, and finished painting the kitchen door and it was soon time to go get ready for the Black and White Ball on Friday night.

We spent the rest of Friday afternoon primping at the hairdressers and the Kuku Bar for Webby's mani/pedicure and eyebrow shaping. After all that, we were exhausted, so Webby took a nap and woke up at about 10.30p.m.!

B was going to be performing at the Ball, and we didn't want to miss it. We quickly threw our clothes on. I wore my new black dress from Ms. Read, which was very tight. Why did I buy such a tight dress? Because they didn't have a bigger size, obviously. And the next size up was size 20. So between a size 12 and 20, I opted for the 12. I felt like I couldn't breathe, but I don't let silly things like that stop me from being vain. Webby wore her long black dress with a plunging neckline and back and looked absolutely gorgeous. I say this completely objectively of course.

We arrived at Saxophone at about 11.40p.m., but the place was still quite empty. B's show started around 12.15a.m. and Webby was voted 'Belle of the Ball', and won a bottle of CK perfume! We think B helped swing the vote our way though she completely denies it. After the show, we were a bit bored, so when GL started smsing us, saying that she, Kim and Fanda were having drinks at Sheraton Subang, we decided to go join them. By the time we retrieved our car from the jockey, it was already 1.30ish, and on the way to Subang, we were stopped and breath analysed. Fortunately I had only one glass of champagne so we could proceed. GL then smsed to say they were going home so we drove over there instead.

GL cooked some instant noodles and I invited them to come over for Christmas dinner, but Fanda and GL couldn't make it. Kim agreed to come over for dinner so that made 8, which was just fine for our dining table.

Anyway, we got home around 3a.m. and crashed.

I woke up at 8a.m. and finished wrapping presents and continued final preparations for dinner. After I put the turkey in the oven, I laid the table for 8, using our new Jim Thompson table settings. Then Pyng called and asked if Serina could join us, so of course I said yes. I added another setting and shuffled the seating arrangement. Then she called again and said could Pik Choo come too. Of course that was fine, I said, but that's it, yea, I said. My table can't fit anymore.

Fortunately there were no more additions. Until about 5 something, when Fanda smsed and said he could come in the end. I was pleased he could come but didn't know where to fit him in! I decided to open another table and put Pyng, Serina and Pik Choo there and it all looked quite good in the end. Webby also cooked her special Caribbean chicken to supplement the food, since we only bought a turkey for 8 people!

Cookie was one of the first few to arrive, but just as she got to our place, she had a phone call from a mutual friend, Fuzet, who had been in a car accident, so I asked if she wanted to join us for dinner. She did, so Cookie went to pick her up. Kim didn't turn up in the end, but we ended up with dinner for 11! The food turned out great. We were exhausted in the end, but had a wonderful time. I love Christmas.

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