Thursday, December 15, 2005

Killing, Karma and Karaoke

We are finally getting rid of our unwanted guests. Yes we have bloody termites.

RapidKill came yesterday to give me a quote for getting rid of them - 2 freaking thousand ringgit. Sigh. Guess if it has to be done it has to be done. They will be coming next Tuesday to annihilate them. So much for being Buddhist about it. I hummed and hawed for a couple of months, thinking I shouldn't kill, I shouldn't kill. But seeing the holes getting bigger and bigger and my wooden beams getting hollower and hollower, and yesterday, the RapidKill man knocking on the wood and peering manically at me saying "Can you hear them? Can you hear them? They are munching away on your wood..", I decided so be it. Screw my karma.

Anyway, after Mr. RapidKill left, I was feeling a bit depressed. Not about the bloody termites, they can rot in hell for all I care. Hmm not too Buddhist a thought either. Sigh. But this month was particularly heavy on the financial side. Total plumber bills for a broken pipe and stuffed drain had added up to another 2K. Sean's birthday party was RM400 and his camp was another RM280. Though I would never begrudge him these two. I was also tidying up and did my long overdue filing yesterday and added up the freaking cats' vet bills for the year which came to over 1K. There's a citibank bill due next week for just over 3K. And we have about 5k left in the bank, so minus 2k for the termite mass murders and 3k for citibank, that leaves us with one big fat zero. Whoopee do. Guess I will have to sell some stocks soon. Is that my karma ripening already? Buggerations.

We went to play badminton 7-9 in the evening, which was nice. S and I got there early so played one singles game. Suja turned up next, announcing that she forgot her raquet and was wearing her t-shirt inside out. I asked her if she was in a rush getting here. Anita came, showing off her new badminton shoes. Then finally Pyng, Sheryl and Hui Ting came, with Tracy arriving soon after. So it was an utter full house. Fortunately with my high sugar and high cholestrol, they voted that I play as much as possible, so I didn't sit out much. And when I did, I simply stared at the latest sudoku I am working on. I could only stare at it because I was stuck. I'll ask Cookie next time I see her.

After badminton, we headed home. GL had parked outside our house as she had her soroptimists' meeting at starKTV. They had invited us to join them but I had declined since S had a meeting at 10pm. Cookie called me just as we arrived home and said she and B were going to starKTV and would we like to join. I couldn't resist so had a shower and toddled over. They were in room 13 and I basically just listened to them sing. I smsed GL to tell her that I was in room 13 and she dropped by. She invited us to go to their room so we moved over. I went over first - there were only Kim, GL, a couple of soroptimist ladies and an unidentified man in the huge room. Then B, Cookie and a gymboy, Simon, came over. And another young man came over to join them. B and GL did some fabulous duets. GL insisted that she sing the female parts! That was quite hilarious. I liked their rendition of Endless Love personally. And of course I had to request Kim and GL to perform my favourite 'Tell Him'. Makes me feel funny inside, that song.

It was a lovely evening. So nice to hear people who can sing. I didn't sing myself as S wasn't there and I was way too daunted by the fine voices in the room. I went back at midnight and S was still awake and working. S is so sweet. She knows when $ matters upset me and she is always comforting. I know I have more than most so am actually very fortunate. Just now, Cookie told me about the Rwandan goat kit... it's only USD59.95 to provide two goats to a family in Rwanda. The goats will sustain the family for food and income. I've always loved the 'give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself forever' theory. I guess I can put the goats on my credit card and send some cheer to Rwanda for Christmas. Anyone want to join me?

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