Monday, December 12, 2005

Eating, Singing, Cleaning, Eating, Painting, Eating, Eating

What a weekend...

We wanted to paint our landing. So on Friday, we went to Home-Fix to look at paint. Susan suggested bright green while I wanted white, so we compromised on something euphemistically called 'Spearmint'. It actually smelt a bit minty too! Friday was spent moving furniture so we could start painting the next day. On Friday night, we still had enough energy to go karaoke. First, we had a yummy ribs dinner at Checkers with GL and Cookie. Then it was off to StarKTV, where we had a fabulous night and we stayed till 3.30am - finishing with 'Wouldn't it be lovely' and 'Lonely goatherd'... GL had a bit too much JD, but I only realised it when she started peeling the foam reindeers off the walls at Star KTV. We asked her to come over to sober up and she ended up sleeping on the sofa.

On Saturday, I was woken up early by Sean as usual. I went down to check if GL was still there and found her reading the note Susan had left for her. We had a chat and after she left, I started to work on the our landing/tv area. I started to scrape off the old paint and found it quite nostalgic, erasing the history of the past seven years - Sean's baby scrawls, tatty pokemon stickers, superglue from the time the maid tried to stick back some posters on the wall. That was sheer genius on her part. Blue tack didn't work, so let's use superglue!

Anyway, after removing the old paint, we had to dash off for lunch at Lyn's for a belated celebration of Sean's birthday, pizza for him and mozzarella basil salad for the adults. Absolutely delicious. I had forgotten what real tomatoes taste like. Sigh. I guess it's going to have to be vine tomatoes the next time I do the groceries. After lunch, we dropped Sean off at Pyng & Sheryl's to play with the other kids there, then we rushed for coffeebean at BSC with Cookie and Faery, and So Human aka Kelvin, and then ran back to Pyng &S heryl's for their 2nd housewarming. What a wonderful spread before us. Roti jala and nasi kunyit... satay.. rojak... gado gado... almost all imported from Penang. A truly moveable feast. However, the whole day had been basically a day of continuous ingestion so I couldn't eat much in the end. But we ta pau-ed quite a lot of food, so I got to enjoy it on Sunday!

Sunday morning, I dropped Sean off at Shalini's for his birthday treat and came back home to continue on our painting project! After removing the paint, we had to use putty to fill in holes in the wall, mostly where chunks of plaster fell out when we tried to remove the superglued posters. We also finished washing the walls. Then between Umi, Susan and myself, we managed to finish painting the whole room by the end of the afternoon! And we only had to go to the DIY shop twice, once to get the putty and the second time to get another can of paint. At RM30 per can, we used 3 cans, the putty cost under RM6, the magic sponge we used to clean the wall cost RM20 so all in all, the project cost RM116 and a lot of elbow grease. Not bad really and we now have a fabulous room. Well, I think so anyway.

Sunday night was finished off with tea at 5.30pm with Ruby and Henry, who visited with a gift from TR which was a lovely book. Then we had dinner at Cafe Cafe with GL, Kim and Tina. The food was a bit disappointing though - with the chef being too liberal with the salt. I wonder if the normal chef was on leave. The proprietors, Ben and Toto, were nowhere in sight either - which may be why the food was less than its normal standard. Oh well.

We went to sleep pretty exhausted but happy on Sunday night.

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